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Six Modernist Moments in Poetry
(University of Iowa Press, 2006)

“Subtly, with a many-faceted attention and care, David Young takes us on a journey through six modernist poems and reveals why and how these works continue to be luminous presences in the lives of so many poets and readers.”
Susan Stewart

“Rilke, Yeats, Stevens, Williams, Moore, and Montale: these writers have been like Stevens’s ‘old chaos of the sun,’ an unquenchable source for much of the best 20th-century poetry. Never are they more challenging or exciting than in the long poem. David Young, one of the premier teachers of poetry in the United States, chooses a representative long poem by each and then generously guides us through each one. His intelligence and curiosity are keen, his voice melodious. Young adapts his discussion as needed to bring out each poet’s utmost individuality yet also well shows what they have in common.”
Peter Schmidt

Other Criticism:

The Action to the Word:
Structure and Style in Shakespearean Tragedy
(Yale University Press, 1990)

Troubled Mirror: A Study of Yeats's The Tower
(Iowa University Press, 1987)

The Heart's Forest:
A Study of Shakespeare's Pastoral Plays

(Yale University Press, 1972)

Something of Great Constancy:
The Art of A Midsummer Night's Dream

(Yale University Press, 1966)

In addition, David Young regularly writes on poetry for FIELD, both review-essays and contributions to symposia.