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Five T'ang Poets
(Oberlin College Press, 1990)

“Bottom line: This is one of the few anthologies of classical Chinese poetry in which the English versions of the poems really sound like poetry. There is nothing of the stiff formality and awkwardness of most other translations that disable the lyric voice of the verses. These translations are full of the beauty and dignity of the Chinese originals.”
Boris Bangemann

The Clouds Float North:
The Complete Poems of Yu Xuanji
Translated with Jiann I. Lin
(Wesleyan University Press, 1998)

“A rich human presence steps forth in these beautiful and moving poems—a sensibility both refined and precise, an intelligence both passionate and keen. This book enlarges our knowledge of the history of women’s writing, and of Chinese poetry’s particular and mysterious powers.”
Jane Hirshfield

Out on the Autumn River: Selected Poems of Du Mu
Translated with Jiann I. Lin
(Rager Media Press, March, 2007)

November, 2008 - DU FU A Life in Poetry to be publshed
and now available at Random House.

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